ZSFab is a well-funded company, located in Cambridge MA. We are a team with expertise in 3D Printing and
Medical device from Tsinghua, Harvard, MIT, and USC.

ZSFab is dedicated to producing high performance, patient-matched as well as customized medical implants,
surgical guides and other additively manufactured end-use products. We are developing unique solutions that
integrate our software tools, advanced modeling and optimization methods, and 3D printing technology. We
have the goal to provide the solutions for health care, including surgical process. With the products of ZSFab, we will help to ease the burden of the doctors and release our customers of prolonged pain.

In ZSFab, we believe that all men are created equal, but shall be treated differently, when it comes to health-
care. Each of us is born unique, and such uniqueness is imprinted in our DNA and reflected in our finger prints, our faces, our bones. Such uniqueness requires that when a part is worn, damaged, or aged, the replace-
ment shall be the same. With the help of additive manufacturing, ZSFab is to structure, design, print the best
medical implants and assist in the healing process.


High Performance

Patient-Matched / Customized


ZSFab Inc.

email: contact@zsfab.com




705 Cambridge St, STE 1
Cambridge, MA 02141, USA


10 Wangjing St, Building B, 2302
Wangjing SOHO Center T1
Chaoyang District, Beijing